Happy hours in Curaçao make life so much more fun and interesting especially after a long day of work. Aside from the cheap drinks, happy hours in Curaçao offer a special time and place for people of all ages to interact with each other outside of work. They create a vibrant and intimate atmosphere which allows people to be themselves and just cut loose.

The concept of the happy hour is well known all over the island so it is the perfect label for any gathering. People can successfully organize their own happy hour at any time of day and at almost any location for friends, colleagues, employees, or acquaintances. It’s a great way to make new connections as well as celebrate a special occasion like the start of a new business or the completion of a project.

I recently checked out the very popular Sunday happy hour at Wet ‘n Wild for the first time. It was on the first Sunday after New Years day this year so it was a special hour. I had never seen anything like it. There was a random break-dancing performance which got people in the mood to dance and as the sun set a drum band made an entrance onto the dance floor to ring in the new year. After the show, I got to speak with one of the local drummers, Dr. Lock, who told me that it is his passion to drum and dance and is honoured to be able to get others to move and groove, island-style.
The happy hour is the perfect end to any day… or just the beginning for some! Whatever your plans are for any happy hour, rest assured you will always have a fun and happy time just like the name implies. Whether it’s on a patio overlooking the white sandy beach and beautiful Caribbean Sea or by the Willemstad harbour watching the ships go by, happy hour in Curaçao is a unique experience filled with all of the good things in life!

This article is a guest column by Rajvee Mehta.


  1. Top 3 happy hours for me: 1. Zanzibar saturday (big buckets with bright) 2. Wet n Wild friday (sunset and very good ribs) 3. Don’t have one yet but I am hoping Bermuda on friday will be great.

  2. I like the happy hour at Kura Hulanda in Otrobanda too on Monday from 5-7 because it’s a really pretty setting, very European, and there is live jazz music. Zanzibar happy hour is also one of my favourites.


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