Denny's Curacao food
…And then you have the topic we, the true-bred antiyano’s, know most of everything about: the food. Now, I’m going to say right off the bat that I’m not the biggest lover of karkó, piska ku funchi or karni stobá, but at least I know exactly what the ingredients of each dish are.

Here, even though it’s delicious, everything comes in ready-to-cook packages. “Just add milk and bacon, kids!” and you’ll have yourself a spaghetti carbonara fit for a king (builds you like one too). But this demolishes the need for experimentation. I mean, give me a cup of Badia’s All Seasoning (or anything of Badia, really) and I’ll make you 3 different meals that will all equal yummy-in-your-tummy. And this, my lovely people, is exactly why all Curaçaoeans (I’m afraid the term “Antillean” is no longer applicable) in the Netherlands own at least 2 cooking ingredients shipped over from Curaçao. I, for one, own like 5. I mean if I can’t have my mother’s cooking- I at least want to have the means to attempt (and fail 99% of the time) to cook like her.

Now, let’s look at the guilty pleasures. The first thing I demanded to see in my mother’s hands the second I walked out of Hato last Summer: saté ku batata (saté with potatoes) from my favorite Chinese restaurant in town. Oh my word. Best. Thing. Ever. It is possible to get your hands on it in Rotterdam, Groningen and The Hague, but as weird as it sounds, it tastes completely different. Maybe it’s the weather.

Sate ku batata Curacao food

Another thing the Netherlands are severely lacking are food joints that stay open ‘till after 2 am (‘cause everyone knows that’s when the severe hunger pangs start hitting after a night out). Best you can do here is scout around for an open-‘till-late shop (of which 95% close at 1 am). On Curaçao, however, we even have options:

“What are you in the mood for?”
“Some cheesy fries! And maybe a milkshake! OR! OR ! Maybe cheesy fries IN the milkshake!” (you get the gist of conversations happening at 3 am)

Where do we go? Say it with me: Denny’s!

But then you get this:

“Yeah, but I would prefer to not blow my entire per diem on one meal that always makes me feel like I’m approaching death afterwards.”

So where do we go then? The truk’i pan! From the Griller to Naoki’s – there’s one guaranteed to be open- ready to provide you with a healthy dose of fat and deliciousness at most hours of the night.

BUT! The Netherlands does have the tendency to make everything as healthy, grainy and fat-free as possible. The fact that there are no restaurants open after a certain time also means that you’ll save as much money as calories (I’m a woman, shoot me).

So where do we stand? Unhealthy, heavenly food against health-conscious and yummy fast meals. I’m sorry, Holland, it’s still no competition:

Curacao: 2
The Netherlands: 0


  1. I also think it must be the weather: the cold winds, rainy surroundings & lack of sunshine will have a different effect on food. Even if it would be prepared totally the same way.
    It doesn’t mean the food here is bad…just different, ’tis!

  2. Not just on food, also on the drinks. I can’t imagine a warm beer in my hands anymore 😉 Probably Polar doesn’t taste at all in a cold country, even though it has a polar bear on it

  3. ayayaaaiiii,karamba,je weet de sfeer,de dushi- heid
    van het eten perfect weer tegeven.
    2-0 yeahhhh for korsow, het ma

  4. You forgot to mention that during the Holiday season we can get Ayaca’s, ham and pekele, salmon, and other goodies also of high fat content but incredible
    delicious. And above all made with that super secret ingredient” Love for cooking”. Each cook has it’s own secret way of combining ingredients into specials. So I fully agree with your score Curacao thumbs Up.+++

  5. Leuke. Niet helemaal mee eens, want ook hier zijn de shoarma tenten meestal open tot 5u. en als niet bij jou stad dan woon je in een te kleine stad 😛 but yea i could go for a danny’s right about now

  6. there was better … though holland wins when it comes to ammount of choices

  7. Wh0000t!! Leuke column Thelele!
    But all these descriptions and comments about good food are making me hungry ! Aaaarrgh
    En aangezien ik in geen badia, karko of satu ku batata voor handen heb, rest het mij om mijn eenvoudige en overprised broodje gezond uit de kantine te eten! Hmpf
    Wel heb ik gister een goede pot BB met R gemaakt, Truso style, waar ik vanavond weer van kan genieten. hihi
    Anywho, keep on keepin on prima! Het gaat lekker

  8. Love this! I wish i could stay awake to have that “Truki’ Pan” Food again. They open to late for me (age?). So, open a “Truki’ Pan” in lunch time. I know, on-healthy but it will be crowded with customers!

  9. Missing Curacao really bad this time a year…today I am trying to make some stuff we had for X mas…Sult, bolo di kashupete etc etc..wish i could get the Ham. It is totally different in the US.
    One thing I wasnt sure about is Pekele…anyone can give me a recipe and ingredients of it?

  10. I love the kabritu stoba from the truki pan at night and for me that is all very healthy as I have a heavenly low-carb ultra fat diet (unfortunately no funchi, no moro and only a little bit batata) … but … on Korsow no decent Shoarma and certainly not at 5AM. Shoarma at 5AM is heavenly (considering being drunk at that time) and a whopping ammount of garlic sauce, real sambal (instead of pika that is NOT spicy at all. only the trucky pan near kura shonville has habaneros as pika). Also on Korsow a great lack of lachmacun (turkish wrap pizza, again with sambal and garlic sauce.) The sate sauce on Korsow mostly is heated up peanut butter while here with the Surinam and Indonesian outlets you get REAL sateh sauce or pinda sambal. So believe me there is plenty delicious unhealthy food around in Hulanda. Still a good truki pan in Amsterdam would make gold just as a good shoarma shop would in Otrabanda. .. and now you made me hungry because you mentioned Stoba and there is no kabritu stoba in Amsterdam or Rabu di Baka or Mero or Dradu… errr how fast can I book a flight a nos dushi Korsow???

  11. PS Danny’s is a highly overrated experience and waaaay too expensive. The trucky pans rule!

  12. Isoco (Russell Soleano from Grupo Isoco – Musik di Zumbi) has been to Hulanda many many years ago but he still talks about the Shoarma 🙂 Just go to brionplein where he is playing reggae when the cruiseships are in the harbour and mention food in Amsterdam…

  13. Ok so I am originally from Ghana (but grew up in the Netherlands) and i went to holiday to curacao I must say i was very dissapointed! I went to different beaches and they only had dutch snackbars and not a barbeque’s or coconuts so I went to plaza bieu the food was also very bad I mean how do you people cook ur rice? It looked an tasted horrible everywhere pff the way i sufferd in your country with this your food…mmmh the white man has influencend you too much all you know is how to do is make pastries and you people add suger in everything! I mean what the F? Another white man thing is fruit in dinner dishes ugghh…aahhh we africans like pepper!!

  14. @ nancy,

    i understand ur point of view but i do have to say that ur opinion is very one track minded. its only natural that our type of food is different from your own, but it doesn’t make it inferior in any way or form.
    the week i spent in Ghana, i couldnt get used to the way some of the food was prepared there, but i certainly didn’t think it was the wrong way; it was just different. jolof rice isn’t my cup of tea either, but to me that doesnt mean that ‘you people’ don’t know how to cook ur rice.
    one other very important thing. the presence of fruit in our main dishes does not come from the, as u eloquently put it, white man thing. but rather from our close ties with south america. the Fruit-mekka of the western world.
    and as far as the dutch snackbar comment: a high percentage of our tourists are dutch. so i guess you gotta serve what the tourists demand the most.
    if there is a next time you visit our island, ask at the Hotel information desk for directions to the more local cuisine restaurants. They will surely hook u up!