Pastechi Curacao Recipe
One of the questions in last week’s mailbag feature was how to make an authentic, Curacao-style “pastechi”. Since I am a culinary genius, I planned on dropping a recipe in the mailbag that would revolutionize local cuisine as we know it.

As I was being absolutely brilliant in the kitchen, my wife asked me what I was doing…

Wife: What ARE you doing?
Dave: I am making the best pastechi known to mankind. I AM THROWING DOWN WITH BOBBY FLAY!
Wife: You are eating chips….

Either way, I told my wife about the mailbag pastechi question and she decided to take over and bring a simple, yet authentic Curacao-style pastechi recipe to the table. I’m pretty sure that she’s just doing this to steal my readers, but that’s because I’m childish and insecure.

Below you can read her recipe and her accompanying commentary…

A couple of days ago, my husband told me that someone asked on Meet Curacao about a recipe on how to make the famous Curacao “pastechi”. I told him that the entire process is very simple; you buy the dough in one of the local grocery stores and fill it with cheese, meet, tuna or whatever other filling you’re in the mood for and then fry/ bake it. Then I met Sebastiaan a day later and he asked the same question and I gave him the same answer…..

He proceeded to ask me how I would explain the pastechi process to someone who does not live on the island. Since I am a big fan of good food and of easy cooking, I took this as a challenge and I tried to come up with an easy yet genuine pastechi recipe that non-locals could also simply follow. I asked my colleagues at the hospital for some extra pointers and the result is a simple recipe that delivers the types of pastechi that us locals have come to love.

With this recipe you can make a lot of small pastechi’s or also a number of “normal” sized ones. It’s up to you really….

To get started, you will need the following:
− 5 cups of flour
− 5 tblsp. of butter
− 5 tblsp. of shortening (Crisco)
− 3 tblsp. of sugar
− salt to your taste
− 1 to 2 eggs (depending on the size of the eggs)
− 1 to 1.5 cups of cold water

Throw all these in a bowl and start kneading the dough until it’s totally smooth and no longer sticky. If it’s still sticky, you can use small amounts of flour to fix this. Let your dough rest for half an hour, covered with a cold kitchen towel at room temperature.

After that, make small golf- or tennis ball sized balls out of the dough, depending on how big or small you want your pastechi’s to be. Roll the balls out to create a flat, thin circle out of every ball.

Now you can fill them with anything you want. This can be cheese, meat, tuna, ham & cheese or any veggie mix that you might be in the mood for. Keep in mind to keep the filling as dry as possible or otherwise it will dissolve the dough. This means your filling should contain no sauce or moisture. Also, don’t overfill it or else the dough will rip.

Fold the dough over to form half a circle and seal it with a fork or by folding the edge approx. 1 cm in from one tip to the other. This helps you to create the edge that pastechi’s are so famous for. Personally, this is the part that I like the most.

You can now fry you pastechi’s in hot oil until golden brown. Enjoy and let me know how it was.

Dave: Meh. I don’t need no fancy “pastechi”. I live off raw meat, raw fish and goat milk!
Wife: You eat the kids menu when we go to the restaurant….
Dave: I have a sensitive stomach!

Believe it or not, there is actually a Facebook Pastechi Fanpage!


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  2. Hi Dave,

    I was looking for the real pasteche dough from curacao and I found your receipe and tried it. Its the real and I know my customers will coming back for more and more.
    I am the owner of a small pizzeria on St.Eustatius. Thank you very much. Add me to your mailing list.